#205 2186 Oak Bay Avenue
Victoria, British Columbia V8R 1G3

T: 250.858.8874


New students should come in 10 minutes early to check in with the teacher and talk about any concerns and aims.

Please arrive early enough to settle in before class starts, we always start with a quiet meditative time lying down and then a guided awareness. It is disruptive to arrive late! 

Wear comfortable, warm layered clothing to adjust to the temperature in the room. Our practice is not athletic so warmer clothing is better if you tend to run cold.

Please do not wear highly scented perfumes or oils! 

Remove your shoes before going into the classroom. We have a cloakroom for your belongings.

And of course, turning off cell phones would be appreciated if you do not have important calls coming in.

Also, If you need to leave early please let the teacher know, so you can have some quiet lying down time before you go.