Svaroopa® Yoga classes are safe, restorative and effective at releasing tension, building a stronger, more aligned body and bringing a sense of peace to your mind and into your life.

This style of yoga works by decompressing the deep tensions that are layered along the spine, starting from the base of your spine, tail to top. We teach students to use props (blankets and blocks) to support their bodies into this release. 


Mon:  12p - 1:30p  with Kathleen

Weds: 7:30p - 9p   with Kathleen

Thurs: 10a - 11:30am with Deborah


Daily Practice, Lower Spinal Release, and Upper Spinal Release. Basic propping, alignment, breathing practice and more will be taught. 

Suitable for beginners. 

90 mins. 



Monday: 10a - 11:30a   with Kathleen

Wednesday: 9a - 10:30a   with Deborah


For students who are experienced with Svaroopa®  Yoga who would like to go deeper, adding variations and new poses.        

90 mins. 


All Levels

Tues:  5:30p - 7p   with Kathleen

Weds: 11a - 12:30p   with Kathleen                         5:30p - 7p   with Deborah

Sat: 10:30a - 12p   with Kathleen


Everyone is welcome to these weekly classes. Enjoy simple and effective poses in a relaxed, easy atmosphere.

Suitable for beginners.  

90 mins. 


Deeper Yoga

Fri: 9a - 10:45a   with Deborah


For students who have been attending classes for a year.

1 hour 45 mins.  $20/class. No drop ins.


Somatic Yoga 

Mon: 5:15p to 6:30p   with Dave 

A gentle system of movements performed lying down to relieve tension and pain and improve posture and flexibility. 

1 hour 15 mins. $12.50/class


 FEES: Classes are registered in sets of 7 or 8 weekly sessions. Fees for session are # of classes x class price.

All classes, with the exception of Deeper Yoga and Somatic, are $17.50/class. Drop in fee is $20.

Make-ups can always be arranged for missed classes.